Easy Style for the Holidays: The Sock Bun

The sock bun is a great, easy way to create a hairstyle that can be either elegant or casual.

Step One: Select an ankle or mid-shin length sock that will not shed or create many loose threads.  Choosing a sock that is close to your hair color is best since it will blend in more if it should peek through the bun.

Step Two: Cut off the toe-end of the sock to create a ‘tube’.  Following the seam will give a cleaner, straighter cut.

Step Three: Pull your hair in to a ponytail. Roll up the sock so that it is donut or ring shaped, and slip it over the end of ponytail, making sure all the hair is pulled through.

Step Four: Tuck the hair around the sides of the sock and in to the center of the bun.

Step Five: Simply roll the sock down. The hair will gather in a ring around the sock. Rotate the sock as you roll it down so that it is completely covered by your hair.

Step Six: When the sock has reached the base of the ponytail, tug on the edges and adjust them so that none of the sock can be seen through your hair. Use bobby pins to secure the bun to your scalp if it feels loose or moves around at all. Finish with a light hairspray.

As you become more comfortable with creating the sock bun, you can start with a looser ponytail  and gently ‘mess’ up the bun for a more casual look or you can create a slick ponytail and a clean, smooth bun for a more elegant style.


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