Right off the runway makeup trends

Fashion week saw a lot of makeup trends that can easily translate into your everyday life…well maybe your nightlife!

Blue Eyeshadow: create a stunning and bold statement lid!

Mark Leibovitz

Mark Leibovitz

Cat-Eyes: Chic cat-eyes can be achieved with a black liquid liner or with a thin angled precision brush and a black cream or powder.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Orange Lipstick: various hues of this color can be worn, from bright and bold to more subtle and glossy.  To personalize your look mix two or more colors together!  You can mix them on the back of your hand and then apply to your lip.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Gilded Lids: Eye Lids can be given a ‘wash’ of eyeshadow and then topped with loose metallic pigment. Choose an eyeshadow that blends with or compliments the metallic pigment. The loose metallic pigment can be applied, without an underlying color, for accent and highlighting.

Mark Leibovitz

Mark Leibovitz

See variations of these trends combined by makeup artist Natasia, to achieve a stunning day or nighttime look!


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