Autumn/Winter 2014 Hair Trends

It’s back to basics for Autumn/Winter 2014.

Ponytails are on-trend, but keep these tips in mind when creating yours: Use a razor sharp parting, either a center part or or an extreme side part (generally at the natural recession or even deeper).  Use a fine tooth comb to help you achieve a neat and smooth look.  Options for the ponytail itself can vary from simple and sleek to fun and messy, but keep the pony low on the head; the center back of the head is the highest the pony should be.  For a more polished look, take a few strands of hair from the pony and wrap it around the elastic band, then use a hair pin to secure the end underneath the ponytail.

Ballerina buns!  The Undone Bun is a hot trend right now.  To achieve this look: Spritz brush (paddle brush is best) with a light hairspray and slick back into a low ponytail.  Then tease the pony with your fingers to get a rougher texture before twisting into a bun.

Both vintage and messy waves are hot for Autumn this year.  See the tutorial below:


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