Talking Hair Color with Lauren

Lauren: stylist and colorist at Volume Hair Studio


What is the latest trend in color?

Platinum blonde is still the biggest trend along with rosy and strawberry tones of gold on darker blondes.  Rich browns with several tones throughout is hot for brunettes.

What do you see being the trend in the fall/winter 2014?

More subtle gradient tones are in; less of the severe ombre of the spring and summer being replaced by the “s’ombre” or subtle ombre.  Plaits (braids) are super in!  They are still great for ‘day dirty hair’.

What sets you apart from other colorists?

I have an artist background, so I tend to think of color as art and a fun extension of oneself.

What color line do you use?

Redken and Pravana

What are the advantages of these color lines?

Redken is great! It’s predictable and offers every color of the rainbow.  Pravana is what I use to do the bright, fun colors and they are long wearing.

What are some helpful hints in caring for creative colors?

You really need to invest in the proper after care; a good color-safe shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.  Most of those colors have to go on lightened hair, so the hair is porous and might need a masque.

Which shampoo and conditioner do you recommend?

We carry Redken, Kevin.Murphy and Pureology.  Redken is great for everyone.  Kevin.Murphy is spa-like, great for maintaining hair quality.  Pureology is reparative and awesome for distressed/damaged hair that needs a little band-aid.

Do creative colors require more up-keep?

Yes!  Those colors are temporary and rinse away with each wash.  Limit your washes and use sulfate free shampoo.

You can learn more about Lauren and see her work HERE


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