The Lob = Long Bob

This is the summer trend of 2014, the long bob or ‘Lob’! This fun and chic cut has such versatility, whether it is worn sleek and straight or beach wavy. The best part being that it’s low maintenance styling-perfect for the summer! The lob cut generally sits right at the collar bone, though there are variations in length that fall between the chin and collarbone. This cut can work with any face shape, with just a little customizing from your stylist. The only general rule is that you do not want to have too many layers with this cut because it can turn into a triangle shape or ‘helmet head’ very quickly.  Since this cut falls at a cool in-between length, you will need to discuss with your stylist how often you will need a trim to maintain the look.

See how some celebs are doing it:

Ciara-Lob Emma-Stones-Wavy-Lob l


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